4 Ways to Prepare for an Open Enrollment

happy employeesAn open enrollment could be like a chaotic Black Friday if you don’t have a good process in place. Your employee benefits enrollment software could go haywire if the people you put behind it don’t know how to handle the rush and the pressure. What’s more is you should be getting that software from a reliable source, so it could help grow your business and retain your clients — not the other way around.

Here are some ways to improve your process to alleviate that hassle:

1. Plan in advance.

This should include preparing your marketing plan, finding out the top inquiries of your employees, doing an audit of your current materials for changes or errors, and communicating with your benefit partners. This should be done four to five months in advance, so it will benefit both your HR and employees.

2. Let last year’s results help set this year’s goals.

Knowing what went wrong and what went well could help improve this year’s processes. Once you’ve had a full evaluation of the previous year, setting this year’s goals should be easier to decide. Your company must directly tie your goals to the metrics you’ll use to measure its success.

3. Ask employees for topics they’d like to know more (or less) about.

Find out what your employees want to know or what they may be confused about. Letting them know that their opinions matter can help build trust. Do this by asking them about their experience last year and what they think you could’ve done better. Remember that this is all for them, and they should also have a part it in.

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4. Make sure your staff is well-prepared.

The ABCs of an employee’s coverage option shouldn’t be asked by your staff during open enrollment. Information like this should be included in any promotional material distributed to employees before the open enrollment period. This and other preparations must be done internally to make sure all HR professionals are ready for open enrollment.

Following these steps should make the whole process work easily and efficiently for both you and your employees.