5 Ways to Protect Your Business from Computer Viruses and Hacking

Computer Virus DetectedHaving an efficient IT security solution for your business is imperative. Just recently, different cases of hacking, virus, and identity theft have been reported affecting companies and online users.

While the advancement of the digital world is evident, hackers and spammers have also found different ways to get into your network. That’s why it’s advisable to find the most reliable computer virus protection in St. George.

Here are other ways to prevent hacking, spams, and viruses from compromising your business IT systems and data:

Recognizing Malicious Mails

Sending email threats or product promos is one the most common ways hackers get into a system’s network. Take extra precautions when browsing your email. If you notice any strange or unexpected messages, check the sender right away. If the email address does not match the domain, avoid clicking any links mentioned in the email. Use your antivirus program to scan the message.

Checking the File Attachments

Never download a file from an anonymous sender. File attachments impose a lot of inherent risks. This is the easiest way to decode your system and expose your personal information, especially if you’re not equipped with antivirus and malware protection software.

Using Spam Filtering

The most basic way to prevent email threats is to use spam filtering. This can detect any “junk” messages and suspicious malware before they reach your inbox. You can activate this setting to your content, sender, and location, rules-based, attachments, outbound mail, and permission filters.

Developing Procedures and Training Employees

Educating your employees about the various threats is crucial for the company. By now, you should develop mitigation procedures in case of an attack. Start training your staff on how to recognize suspicious messages. Evaluate the risk factors and consider running a test for each team.


While having an updated antivirus and malware protection software is highly recommended, it is also important to promote awareness regarding the possible threats.