6 Common HVAC Systems Problems

HVAC technician charging a heat pump with refrigerantYour house may become less uninhabitable due to extreme weather conditions. High energy consumption also pushes your bills up. Therefore, a functioning Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system is essential.

Although most HVAC problems are as a result of a faulty pressure vessel, if you are experiencing any of the problems in the list below, it is time to have a plumber ascertain the cause of your systems problems. These are the common tell signs of a faulty system.

Loud noises

You may hear loud and strange noises from your HVAC system. Typical sounds may be heard during winter due to the unequal pressure between cooling and heating. However, if you hear a loud noise as if the system is hitting something, the fan blades could be in contact with another material.

Bad smells

Unusual odours could be due to dirty filters, gas leaks, overheating, burning air filter, water leaks, or oil leaks. Follow the smells to identify the source of such odours.

High energy consumption

Part of the reason why you have an HVAC system is to cut down on utility bills. If you notice that the electric bills are abnormally high, the heating pump could be faulty.

Heating pump blows cold air

If your house is not heating up, then it’s a clear sign your system is faulty. Normally, this may be due to major faults such as refrigeration malfunction.

Air imbalance

Some rooms may be warmer than others due to improper air balance. This could be repaired by adjusting the dampers. In the case that your system does not have dampers, you might need a professional for this job.

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Water or ice leaks

Water leaks may be caused by dirt caught up in the drain. Without enough refrigeration liquid, your system will not cool the house. Ensure that you have air filters to keep dirt away. To stop the leaks, a thorough cleaning of the bottom trap is necessary.

Do not ignore any of these problems; they might lead to a complete breakdown of your system.