An SEO Reseller Can be a Copywriter, But Can a Copywriter be an SEO Reseller?

SEO Reselling It’s a fact that white label SEO resellers can double as a copywriter. Their knowledge of the business and the marketing needs of their clients are enough factors for resellers to write compelling blogs, blurbs, and Meta tags. Copywriting for resellers is basically putting salesmanship in print.

Many attest that resellers can be copywriters. But, what if it’s the other way around? Can copywriters be resellers as well? The agents from SEO Reseller Program say that “content is an essential part of any online campaign.” With the nature of these advertisers’ work and with nobody saying no, it’s safe to say that copywriters, indeed, can become effective SEO resellers.

There are three main reasons copywriters are suitable resellers:

  1. They have a network of clients whom they write ads for. This opens a lot of opportunities for them to offer SEO reseller services, including website auditing, keyword selection, content marketing and citation building, and on-page optimization.
  2. Their clients consider them as trustworthy authorities. As quality content is an essential aspect of SEO, clients can entrust their business to copywriters who have the proficiency in producing compelling content.
  3. Clients that procure their services need more than just copywriting. Instead of working with a separate SEO company and jeopardize synchronization in the campaign, copywriters can provide the necessary contact optimization services instead.

Advantage of Turning into an SEO Reseller

Most white label SEO resellers outsource their copywriting. But, since advertisers already copywriters, they can take care of the advertising needs of their clients and their own business at the same time. Copywriters, however, need to watch out for a few drawbacks. Copywriting alone takes a lot of time and spending quality hours on it impedes service providers from managing other aspects of the business.

Nevertheless, jumping from the copywriting industry to a broader SEO reselling business presents good opportunities. As quality content plays a key role in SEO, copywriters can certainly become resellers.