As Visits Count, Visitor Counters Count

PeopleHad people’s behavior been etched in stone, selling won’t be such a tall order. However, consumer tastes are changing as much as advertisers are trying to influence them. Put in cutthroat competition that will try its best to shake your captured market away from your retail business and it’s an uphill climb you’re facing.

In the event you’re wondering if something could give you some leverage in such a war of wills, know that visitor counters should come in handy.

What Not to Buy

Let’s face it, retail business is people business. Getting yourself to be able to serve a market means you have to have a good grip on how to get a hold on people.

Before you forget, know that shopping is a series of experience that led people to actually buy. The problem is your store may not be as people-oriented as you think it is and you don’t realize this until it falls flat on your face. For instance, one of the common theme cited in Time’s Worst Retailer of the Year 2014 is customer satisfaction. Retail expert Kyle James, founder of, describe one retail store chain lagging behind as “their customer service is lacking real expertise on the products they sell.”

Sadly, however, cash registers and your daily sales fail miserably in tracking such various loopholes in your store.

Improving the System

To give you a better picture on how to improve your sales performance, doing traffic analysis via a visitor counting advantageousAs a visitor counting system show you exactly how many people are entering your store at a particular time, you have a better measure with how effective your marketing campaigns are and then adjust accordingly.

On the operational level, visitor counters could alert you of customer service problems inside the store as you look at heightened visits vis-a-vis minimal conversions. Additionally, a thorough traffic analysis will show you how devastating a new competition is to your business. Best of all, it gives you a better idea of consumer behavior, a key data in driving more sales into your store.

Visitor counting systems do not just count people. They provide ways for business owners to see how they could channel those traffic into something useful.

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