Avoid Being on Google’s Naughty List by Avoiding these SEO Mistakes

SEO MistakesIf you didn’t know by now, Google can easily keep your blog from appearing in their search engine results. You can still access your website by typing the URL, but Google won’t allow you to show up on the results. They won’t give you a clue on what you did wrong, warn you about it or even notify you that they’ve removed your website. This is why you have to learn the rules, says industry expert Omnimediaonline.com.

The Use of Unnatural Anchor Text

Anchor text is the text inside a link. Whenever Google decides on the terms they rank your pages for, they mainly refer to your anchor text for clues. For instance, if plenty of people are linking to a post you made with “retail marketing” as the anchor text, then they’ll assume that is what your post is about. Most people, however, try to outsmart the system by using the words they want to rank for as anchor text. They believe this will increase their chances of getting a higher ranking.

Not everybody will use similar anchor text when they do link to you. Keep in mind that some links you do get could have shorter text like “retail”, use associated terms like “merchandise advertising” or just use your URL plainly without any anchor text. If you use the same anchor text in all your links, you’re notifying Google that you’re trying to outsmart them that could get yourself penalized.

The Use of Broken Links

Google always reminds websites to check for the proper HTML and for broken links. In time, the majority of bloggers will have collected links that don't work anymore. There will be websites who stop operating or move to another domain. It might seem unfair for Google to penalize you about problems that are out of your control. Do remember that Google wants to offer users a better experience, so they wouldn’t be able to achieve this if your site has a lot of broken links.

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You have to be diligent enough to check your old posts using backlink checkers, as well as, avoid using unnatural anchor links. Following the above will not only impress Google, but you’ll be able to outrank other pages with broken links.