Avoid Survey Scam in 5 Simple Ways

Legitimate SurveyBusinesses have learned to utilise the internet not just to market their product, but also to get feedback from people to improve their brands, says a specialist from MyView. Thus, the rise of online surveys where you get to be paid for sharing your opinion to the public. Along with the rise of technology, however, comes the rise of scammers who utilise this means to get money from people through survey scams.

Here are ways to avoid such scams and how you can distinguish a legitimate survey company from fake ones.

1. Research the Company

With just one click on Google and you would already know most things about the site or the company itself. There are a lot of forums on the web that expose such scams. If the company is included in the list, then it most certainly is. A legitimate survey company should give out important information (i.e. contact details, history, FAQs) openly.

2. Too Good to Be True?

Get $50 for answering a 25-item survey? Sounds too good to be true? It definitely is. A legitimate company would want to know as much information about customer preference and their products so you should expect a longer, perhaps more detailed kind of survey.

3. Payments

A legitimate site would not require you to make purchases or payments in order to participate in their survey. If this is the first step a “survey site” requires you to do, it most definitely is a scam.

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4. Privacy Statements And Disclaimer

Be sure to read their privacy statement and disclaimer before participating in one. A website without such policies are considered shady and should be avoided.

5. Defensive Websites

If a website reiterates that it is not a scam after almost every paragraph, then it most certainly is a scam. Legitimate companies would not be doing such announcements as they are confident of their authenticity.

Coming across a scam is definitely bothersome and has cost others a significant amount of money. However, note that not all surveys are scams. With proper research and a discerning eye for details, you can definitely come across companies that offer authentic rewards in exchange for your opinions.