Bad Signal Means Bad Business

Bad Signal Means Bad BusinessMany factors contribute to a bad phone reception. Distance and line of sight to the nearest cellular tower defines the strength of the signal you will receive. If you are far from the closest tower and have objects like buildings, trees, or mountains in between, then you have higher chances of receiving poor phone reception compared to other users.

Apart from distance, the material of the structure you are staying in also contributes to the strength of your phone signal. Buildings made of metal and wire mesh block strong signals, while closed areas with insulation types and water elements like decorative waterfalls interfere with phone reception.

According to, provider of break-fix services, bad phone signal has many disadvantages to small and large businesses. Managers and employees who often experience terrible phone reception tend to become less productive at work, which leads to reduced profits and a slower company growth.

Here are two reasons a bad phone signal can hinder business development.

Bad communication postpones progress.

An awful phone reception can confuse and mislead workers who are finishing an imperative task. For example, truck drivers who need assistance with directions can get lost and delay important goods just because they cannot reach their point person via phone. This applies to all kinds of industries that need to deliver products and services on time.

Bad phone signal encourages procrastination.

Employees who have trouble communicating tend to slack during work. Since the phone signal they receive is regularly weak, they may relax and postpone messages that needs immediate sending. Some people think that bad phone signal is something they cannot stop or solve, which is why they just wait for it to improve, no matter how long it takes.

There are many ways to improve bad phone signal like upgrading the main antenna, hosting a cell site, or hiring a network manager for your company. Communication is one of the biggest factors of a successful company, which is why CEOs and managers should always find solutions that will improve this business area.