Be Seen Online: How to Improve Traffic Without Faking It

Denver News: Directing Traffic to Your SiteWhen you start a website, the first thing you would think about is how to get people to visit. Usually, this entails inviting friends and family to view your page and share the link with people they know. But it doesn’t have to stop there.

Right here in Denver, for example, notable web developers shares strategies to help you boost your online presence. 

Link Up

If you have accounts on Facebook and Twitter, creating a link between the two social media sites and your own page can help drive user traffic from the social media sites to you. Both Facebook and Twitter “profile” their users and allow them to screen what they can see. If your site falls within their age group and scope of interest, then you will usually be able to get their attention.

Be Available

Are you a blogger? Posting on a regular basis will also drive up traffic. Active websites and blogs come up often in search engines because of the consistency in providing updates. No time to do it daily? Most blogs and websites allow for pre-writing your posts. This means you can spend an afternoon writing and then set the date and time when your entries will be available for viewing.

(Hash)Tag It

Tags, labels, categories, and hashtags: embrace them! In a virtual world full of various entries and articles revolving around a single topic, these can become your best friends. A person interested in one topic will usually want to read more and either search or click on tags that can show them more about their subject of interest.

Be Specific

Are you a blogger based in Denver? Why not write about things that people might not know about Denver? Giving readers an “inside look” into what’s going on in your area can either draw physical tourists to the place or virtual viewers to your site.

And finally, if you are maintaining a page that centers on a business or service, why not hire web developers to take care of it for you? Web developers will always have inside information on how best to drive traffic to your site and help ensure that the traffic you get to your site is from actual viewers and not just bots.

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