Best Electric Acoustic Guitars Under $300

An acoustic-electric guitar is a shrewd decision for a guitarist who needs the sound and vibe of an acoustic instrument yet at the same time needs the capacity to be heard by an expansive gathering or close by opened up instruments. You can connect an acoustic-electric instrument to an amp manufactured particularly for acoustic guitar, or you can run your instrument out to the PA framework. You can even connect your guitar straight to a blending board for recording.

As should be obvious, acoustic-electric guitars permit a huge measure of adaptability contrasted with essential acoustic instruments. Putting a mouthpiece before a standard acoustic guitar is fine to record, however a noteworthy bother for live circumstances. Regardless of whether it sounds great, you are bound to one spot on the stage. On the off chance that you move even a couple of inches you bargain the sound of your guitar.

Acoustic-electric instruments are the appropriate response here, yet they likewise cost more. Keep in mind, you are not just searching for an instrument that has all the best properties of a decent acoustic guitar. You likewise require a quality pickup and preamp setup, and that adds to the cost of the instrument.

Hence, finding a quality acoustic-electric guitar for under $300 isn’t the least demanding thing on the planet. You need to do your exploration. best acoustic guitar under 300

This article can offer assistance. I’ve amassed some your best wagers here, based one three criteria:

  1. These are instruments that will fit into your financial plan, yet at the same time hit the imprints for quality. You ought to have the capacity to snatch them fresh out of the plastic new for under $300. That is the purpose of this article. Be that as it may, you can likewise rely on them as dependable bits of rigging
  2. They’re produced using a portion of the best brand names in the guitar world, organizations I have come to know and trust in my three decades as a guitarist. A few brands have a notoriety for greatness with regards to halfway level rigging. For instance: You’re not going to get a Gibson at this value point, yet you can depend on Epiphone to convey.
  3. They sound incredible. You anticipate that a $1000 guitar will get high stamps with regards to sound and play, yet with reasonable guitars it gets somewhat harder. You’ll need to do some of that legwork all alone, however these instruments are an extraordinary place to begin your pursuit. Any of them would make an extraordinary acoustic-electric guitar for a learner or moderate player.
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On to the guitars!

Epiphone Hummingbird PRO

My best pick here is the Epiphone Hummingbird PRO, in light of the Gibson Hummingbird. The Gibson Hummingbird is an incredible acoustic guitar, obviously way out your $300 spending plan. As you may know, Epiphone is an organization claimed by Gibson, and approved to make spending variants of great Gibson guitars.

Epiphone is one of those brands that truly exceeds expectations with regards to tenderfoot and middle of the road level guitars. For this situation they have truly made an astounding showing with regards to with the Hummingbird PRO. This is an excellent guitar with a Faded Cherry Burst top and a tasteful Hummingbird realistic on the pickguard. It just smells of that notorious Gibson acoustic vibe, yet what it has going ahead in the engine is truly what makes a difference.

The Hummingbird PRO highlights a strong spruce best with a select mahogany body and neck and rosewood fingerboard. I truly like mahogany in acoustic guitars for its glow and abundance. The pickups and preamp are the Shadow Nano Flex framework. Shadow is a regarded manufacturer of acoustic guitar gadgets, and the expansion of their preamp here improves an incredible guitar even.

This is a guitar that looks and seems like a considerably more costly instrument. That is somewhat what Epiphone does, and they’ve nailed it here.