Blade Chroma: The Next Best Camera Drone?

Blade ChromaWhether it’s for security purposes or aerial photography, choosing the best camera drone for the job is difficult. The range of different quadcopters available in the market doesn’t make the choice any easier as well, so how do you pick the right one?

Two of the top quadcopters in the market are competing for the position of the best camera drone – the Dji Phantom 3 vs Blade Chroma. Both are marketed as camera drones, specifically for aerial photography and surveillance, so how exactly does the Blade Chroma match up?

Camera power

The chroma camera drone boasts two high-definition camera options: the regular HD camera records 1090p/60fps videos while taking 16 megapixel standard photographs. The higher-end camera, on the other hand, has slightly higher video and camera capabilities, but has adjustable light settings and the ability to record 4k videos at 30fps.

If you compare this with the DJI Phantom, the Blade Chroma slightly trumps it in terms of camera power, as the regular phantom drone only takes 12megapixel shots for the standard version. The higher-end phantom can also capture 4k videos, but it lacks the adjustable lighting settings.

Comparing prices

The Chroma camera drone price is not yet available, although the preorder price for the 4k video variant is at a hefty $ 1,299.99. This may be a turn-off for some, especially when you consider that the 4k variant of the phantom quadcopter is at $ 1,259, which is considerably more affordable although this is due to the quadcopter lacking the adjustable light settings. The price difference is a quite small though, especially when  you consider the blade chroma’s camera versatility and functionality.

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These impressive camera functions immediately make the unit one of the top choices if you want a quadcopter that takes truly impressive stills and videos. Even with its higher-end pricing, the blade chroma is shaping up to become one of the more powerful quadcopters in the market. If you’re still unsure of its capabilities and functions, check out this blade chroma review for more information.