Brand Positioning in the Digital Age

Brand positioningThe emergence of the Internet as a platform for businesses years ago has changed the business landscape. Some things remain the same, though. One of which is the importance of brand positioning. Even if many companies are shifting their marketing efforts to online, they still need to use differentiation to gain competitive advantage and make their products profitable.

What Makes You Different?

You may have already heard about choosing a niche in a certain industry, this is only the first step; the next one is finding a selling point that is uniquely yours. This is where brand positioning comes in; this is the point where you stand in the minds of your target audience. Are you an affordable product or more for luxury buyers? Are you addressing a need or a jack-of-all-trades? The answer to these questions will enable you to carefully craft your differentiation plan and message.

If you know your positioning, choosing the appropriate logos and colours for your website become easier. The design and the two mentioned, all work together to brand your company. These will help you elicit the right emotions and associations from visitors.

The Role of Keywords

Bambrick Media, a reputable search engine optimisation service provider, cites that the careful selection of keywords enable you to rank for the queries you want. Incorporating your chosen phrases into your message enables you to, as the cliché goes, hit two birds with one stone.

One Domain Dominance

It is tempting to use multiple domains, especially for branches that are in a different city. You have to align your online and offline brand positioning. One domain that ranks in your chosen keywords makes your website easy to find. This also positively affects the top-of-mind recognition and association of customers with your brand.

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Consistency is key in establishing a strong brand positioning it is easy tempting to diversify and try other things, but if it disrupts the equity you built, you are doing more harm than good. A consistent differentiation point across platforms lays the foundation for strong branding.