Can the Air You Breathe at Work Kill You?

Contaminated AirThe quality of air in production and industrial facilities is a crucial element in workplace and worker safety. It can affect workers’ productivity and more importantly, their health.

As you should know, long-term exposure to harmful air particles can lead to major health issues or even death. You should know which industrial applications produce toxic air, dust, fume, smoke, and other airborne materials to prevent exposure and provide safety for you and your co-workers.

Harmful Airborne By-products in Production Facilities

Grinding and sanding are beneficial in many industrial workspace environments. Unfortunately, these applications produce dust that becomes air pollutants and can cause life-threatening pulmonary diseases.

Fumes from welding applications are also considered pollutants. Small particles form when vapors from hot metal cool off and condense into the air you breathe. In general, welding fumes look like smoke and are odorless. It can cause urinary tract and larynx infections and lung cancer with long-term exposure. Fumes from soldering can also be harmful. In fact, even short-term exposure to it can lead to health concerns. It can have a negative effect on the respiratory organs.

Other air pollutants in the workplace are oil mist (from metal working, machining, and milling), volatile organic compounds from paint and chemical industries, and hexavalent chromium from stainless steel manufacturing.

What You Can Do

The causes and consequences of poor air quality at work are a matter of life and death. Business owners, managers, and the workers themselves should know what to do to address concerns.

Usually, the first step is to provide workers with the right protective gear, tools, and equipment. You should also conduct seminars focusing on workplace safety and precautionary measures. A foolproof way to contain dust and air pollution, for example, is by using air filtration and aluminum dust collection systems. The unique combination of this equipment can provide safety for all production facility workers.

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Air quality is important in any workplace. Make sure you’re not compromising the comfort of your staff for productivity. It should be balanced.