What Makes a Video Ad Successful?

Video ads are slowly becoming essential in the world of marketing. They can draw emotions out of customers, and they are easy to share with friends and family on social media. If your video is Read More

How Important is Cloud Testing?

Many organizations have adopted cloud computing and use cloud-based tools because of their advantages. Before any cloud-based app or service hits market, software companies have a lot of groundwork to accomplish. There are many steps Read More

What a Proxy Server Can Do For Your Business

Online privacy and security have vastly improved, much thanks to the introduction of proxy servers. These special network nodes allow Internet users to browse the World Wide Web protected from potential threats, such as hackers Read More

Using Web Proxy Software for Improved QoE

There are numerous positive benefits you can enjoy, as an organisation, from using web proxy software. These go beyond the short implementation time and inhibiting access to particular websites that you have blacklisted, only allowing Read More

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