A Complete Guide On Best Stage Piano 2017

In case you want to buy a new piano in 2017 which is lightweight and portable, or in other words, a stage piano and you don’t know what to buy; you have come to the right place. Pianos are evolving drastically every year, with more and more digital features and added advantages, it’s tough to choose one, but hey, we can choose a few of them. There are many top quality brands in the market but let’s narrow it down for you and list out the best stage pianos of 2017.

  1. Nord Stage 2 EX 88-Key Piano:

The Nord stage 2 ex-lives up to its expectations, with a body having bright red exterior color and a simple, straightforward layout.


  • Hammer action keyboard giving a fully weighted hammer action.
  • It has a factory bank containing a vast array of sounds, having five grand piano, 11 electric piano, 7 upright piano, and clavinet.
  • The organ and synth sounds are authentic, and it has terrific real-time effects.
  1. Roland RD 800 digital piano:

With a clean and easy panel and a backlit LED display, Roland RD 800 has a streamlined layout for easy access to keys while being on stage.


  • It has PHA 4 concert keyboard with an escapement.
  • The Keys have ebony and ivory look and feel to it.
  • Piano designer in this one lets you customise your piano sounds. It contains 16 sets along with 4 live sets. Individual note voicing feature is available in the Roland RD 800.
  • The touch sensitivity can also be controlled according to the need of the player.
  1. Yamaha CP4 Stage 88 Key Stage Piano:

Yamaha is the most popular brand when it comes to acoustic pianos. yamaha digital piano review But is it the same in case of stage pianos? Well yes, they have the best portable piano keys commercially available in the market.

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  • CP4 contains brilliant sound samples from the other grand pianos of Yamaha.
  • The keyboard had Graded Hammer action technology, and the keys are wooden but concealed under the synthetic ivory.
  • It can reproduce any sound of a grand piano with ease.
  1. Roland RD 300 NX stage piano:

This is the second Roland on this list; it is widely known who is a major player when it comes to staging pianos. The RD 300 has an unmatched sound and feel and has the features found in other expensive instruments.


  • It has a supernatural sound engine for the piano. Ivory feels keyboard is present in this one as well.
  • The Sound focus feature naturally adjusts the sound which makes even the most subtle nodes audible in the mix.
  • The sound can be customised by Roland’s piano designer software. LCD offers an easy to use layout.

So these are the best options if you are looking to buy a new piano in 2017.