Dance Studio Management: Why an Internet Use Policy Matters

Importance of Internet Use Policy for your Dance Studio SoftwareUsing an online dance studio software solution for managing your studio automatically places your business on the web. But while that’s great since you could offer your clients better and faster service, this generally means that your employees are online most of the time as well. Beware, however, since the internet is full of security risks and distractions that could extend to your business if your employees are not careful. 

As the employer and owner of your dance studio, it’s critical to discuss proper Internet use with your employees. To get you started, consider crafting an IUP or Internet Use Policy.

The Use of an Internet Use Policy

In general, an Internet Use Policy is a document stating very specific rules for Internet use while using your business’ resources — your management software, Internet connection, website, social media accounts, email, etc. Your IUP must also include potential penalties and procedures in the event that an employee breaks one of your rules.

An IUP will primarily aid you and your employees in increasing accountability for productivity as well as keeping your business free from various security threats online. The Internet is a tremendously potent tool for distraction; an idle mind could lead straight to blogs, gaming, online shopping, social media, and viral videos among many others. This idle time — and not official break time at that — gets wasted when it should be used for work or helping out clients.

Cyber-Attack Risks

However, even scarier and more threatening than the myriad of online disruptions are the unscrupulous hackers and various security risks that could potentially ruin not only your entire dance studio software arsenal but your entire business as well. You could end up spending thousands of dollars fixing up your system in the event of a malicious attack and the reputation of your business will also suffer. Can you really afford all these losses? With all these threats to your business, a well-made Internet use policy could help in keeping your employees in check so that your business won’t be vulnerable to online risks.

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Once you are done writing your Internet use policy and have started implementing it, you should also incorporate it when training new employees so that they’ll be aware of it from the start. Done and implemented properly, your IUP will definitely help in keeping your business safe by preventing online threats from accessing your business operations and improving employee productivity.