Don’t Drain Your Business Money: Take Care of Customers

Portrait of happy smiling female customer support phone operator at workplaceA bad customer service can hurt the business in different ways. One, it can increase marketing costs. According to White House Office of Consumer Affairs, customers are worth about ten times the price of their first purchase. A huge reason is the fact they are not sensitive to price.

They tried and believed in the product, and enjoyed the customer experience. There is no reason why they should avoid cross-sells and upgrades.

Meanwhile, in a 2011 credit card survey, a poor customer service forced more than 75 percent of potential buyers to forgo the transaction.

What Do They Complain About?

Complaints come in different forms, but they all relate to the biggest problem of all: poor communication. It could be the company failed to listen and understand the customer needs. It is also possible they did not have enough support staff to handle calls promptly.

In many cases, customer calls went through numerous transfers. The lack of proper communication leaves customers frustrated, upset, angry, and hopeless.

Implementing a customer service program, therefore, is necessary, but it is a tough challenge for small businesses. Hiring people will not come cheap, and doing the work by themselves will not be sustainable in the long run.

The Easiest Way to Create a Reliable Customer Support

For small businesses, Asterisk providers recommend leveraging one of the most-used commodities in the world, which is the Internet. Companies can choose applications that can work like a PBX and public switched telephone network (PSTN) simultaneously.

With the PBX, businesses can already create and receive voicemails while PSTN can redirect calls to the recipient. One can now have a more virtual attendant. Moreover, by choosing an open-source platform, developers can further customize its use.

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These applications are not only affordable but also give the users an option to cancel the subscription. They are also scalable, so business owners can use them for years.

It takes only one negative review to ruin the brand and the business. Reduce the likelihood of receiving one by making customer support accessible, dependable, and affordable.