How to post 360-Degree Photos in to Facebook

Sharing general photographs with your Facebook companions is a relic of days gone by – the future rotates around intuitive pics. At this point, you’ve without a doubt go over an intelligent photograph while perusing your Facebook channel. Such photographs teach you to hold your telephone up and move it around to see distinctive parts of the photograph.

It’s a fun method for survey purported Facebook 360 Photo. Also, would influence one to trust you require extravagant, or costly hardware to get it going. In all actuality, in any case, you needn’t bother with an extraordinary camera or even a 360-degree photograph application keeping in mind the end goal to transfer your own intuitive picture.

Committed camera require not have any significant bearing:

  • Ricoh Theta S
  • Giroptic 360 Cam
  • Samsung Gear 360
  • LG 360 Cam
  • IC Realtech ALLie
  • 360Fly
  • Panono

Your telephone is the better decision:

Odds are you possess a telephone or tablet that will work with the new Facebook include. As indicated by Facebook, anything more current than an iPhone 4S, iPad Mini 2 ($215.00 at or either iPad Air and iPad Pro model will work. Facebook doesn’t list a progression of Android gadgets (let’s be realistic, that rundown would be extremely long), yet does particularly state utilizing a Galaxy gadget more up to date than Samsung Galaxy S5 ($179.79 at or Galaxy Note 3 ($229.98 at will work.


Transferring a display photograph to Facebook is finished utilizing a similar strategy to transfer all your different photographs: Open Facebook, tap Photo, select a photo, post. Additionally, you can’t transfer in excess of one scene photograph at once. In the event that, in the wake of transferring the photograph, you need to change the beginning perspective, you can do as such by altering the photograph on a PC. You can likewise return a 360-degree photograph to a display photograph in the event that you’d lean toward. Once more, tap on the wireframe took after by the paintbrush, at that point uncheck the crate alongside Display this as a 360 photograph and snap Save. In the event that you keep running into any issues, Facebook has a help page for 360-degree photographs.

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