Fleet Management: How to Optimise Your Preventative Maintenance Plan

Fleet Asset ManagementA solid preventative maintenance plan could aid fleet managers to ensure minimum downtime and reduced repair costs. Below are some critical areas that managers must review to determine if their preventative maintenance plan is as optimised as can be.

Review Records for Fleet Maintenance

Are you sure that you’re monitoring the right details for making maintenance decisions? Records from your fleet maintenance software must clearly indicate a vehicle’s model and make, mileage and date of service time, as well as services done to particular parts. Remember however that your records will be for nothing if you fail to analyse them properly.

Ensure Proper Planning and Scheduling

A great metric of your preventative maintenance plan is its efficiency and how many times a vehicle has been serviced. Each time someone services a vehicle, you spend money and increase downtime. Likewise, each service usually takes an hour or so of labour. Proper scheduling would’ve allowed these repairs to be performed during your scheduled preventative maintenance.

In addition, service intervals must be based according to the usage, application, regulatory and warranty requirements of the vehicle. Plenty of organisations only follow one preventative maintenance plan, but what’s ideal for one specific vehicle might not be suitable for another one.

Inspect Unplanned Maintenance Incidents

Scrutinise any unscheduled incidents of maintenance that occurred between planned maintenance intervals. Watch out for trends, such that if certain failures happen on specific vehicles, figure out if you could modify your maintenance plan to eradicate those potential failures in the long term.

Figure Out If You Could Do Better

Pay close attention to your records to determine the average lifespan of your fleet’s different components to figure out when you should proactively repair or replace them.

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Remember, a poorly developed and inefficient preventative maintenance plan will cost you valuable resources, specifically money and time. There’s really no magic formula that will work for all the vehicles in your fleet and just because you’re used to doing something does not mean that you should still continue doing if it’s not working anymore. Determine how you could perform maintenance tasks better and then implement them.