Fujifilm X-T10: Same Performance, Cheaper Price

Fuji X-E2
Image Courtesy of Scott Hill

Fujifilm’s X-series camera lines are known for their specific principle: the marriage of retro aesthetics to astounding image quality that encourages a manual approach to the art of photography. Last year’s X-T1 model perfectly hit the idea. The model has a retro film SLR design build with numerous buttons and dials. The camera also takes beautiful photos. But the X-T1 is considered a serious camera for serious photographers and also has an expensive price.

Fujifilm recognizes the fact that not everyone is willing to spend two thousand dollars for a good picture. The popular photo company introduced the X-T10, a smaller and cheaper version of the X-T1. The newest camera model will be available this 2015 and comes in two colors: black or silver. The X-T10 costs $799.95 body-only or $899.95 with a 16.50 mm/f 3.5-5.6 lens. A kit with the high-end 18-55mm f/2.8-4 lens will sell for $1,099.65.

The X-T10 bears numerous physical similarities to its sibling, the X-T1. It has the same sharp and angular edges, plus the same knurled controlled dials on the magnesium top plate. Once placed side to side, users can see the obvious difference in size. The X-T10 is 0.3 inches narrower and 0.2 inches shorter compared to the X-T1. It also weighs 13.4 ounces, 13% less compared to its sibling.

New is an automatic mode that can be engaged with a single switch. The X-T10 possesses a mode dial and a new pop-up flash integrated into the viewfinder hump. It also has a 3-inch LCD and tilts, plus a 2.36 million OLED dot viewfinder. The X-T10 has the same 16-megapixel APS-C-X-Trans 11 CMOS sensor and EXR II as the X-T1, providing the same level of image quality as other expensive models.

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The X-T10 also has a new autofocus system with 77 points of variable sizes of zones. It is capable of tracking moving objects within the frame. The X-T1 is also receiving the same upgrades to the new autofocus system, giving both models the same autofocus performance. The ISO can be adjusted from 100-25600 or set to automatic. The X-T10 is capable of shooting 1080p videos at 60 frames per second.

The X-10 lacks the weather sealing features of its predecessor. According to Fujifilm, the model is made for less serious photographers. But with its image quality and performance, this model is meant for users seeking smaller and light-bodied cameras that come at cheaper costs. The X-T10 offers 90% of the X-T1 at 60% of the cost, making it one of the best bargains in 2015’s camera models.