Get that Job or Scholarship! Tips on Making an Amazing Video Resume

Video Resume in EaganWhether you’re applying for a new job, school, or scholarship, there’s now one aspect of the application that’s increasingly becoming an integral part of the process: video resumes.

With that, here are a few other tips on how to make a great video resume.


Before you begin filming, think and plan what you should put in your video. Think about what format would work best for your video. Are you more comfortable doing it solo or would an interview format be better? Plan what you want to put in the video to ensure that your content would be in line with the video’s purpose.

Do You Need a Script?

Absolutely. It’s better to write down clearly what you need to say so you won’t fumble your way in your video. However, when you deliver your script don’t sound like you’re simply listing and reading it. Own it! As much as possible, memorize and make sure you sound natural. Practice a few times in front of a mirror before filming.

Watch and Edit

Most likely, you won’t get everything you wand in just a single take. Take as many shots as necessary and watch them with an objective eye. Listen to the way you talk and do watch out for pronunciation and grammar mistakes. You can edit your video by yourself with the plethora of available video editing programs.

Don’t be nervous about having to be in front of the camera. Think about it as some sort of interview practice. Don’t simply list your accomplishments; talk about particular instances and experiences that you think will help you get that job or scholarship. For example, if you’re making a sports scholarship video, you might want to include a clip of you playing your sport. Remember, it’s a video so take advantage of the fact that you can show to the interviewer what you can do.

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