Getting a Satellite Phone? Here’s What You Need to Know

Satellite PhoneAre you someone who thrives outdoors and prefers to fall off the grid in favour of adventure? For adventurers, having a satellite phone on hand allows for a way to communicate with the world you’ve left behind. More than that, it can also be a lifeline to help get you out of a sticky situation.  In an emergency, your trusty smartphone can be pretty useless in the wilderness. This is where having a satellite phone comes in handy.

How Satellite Phones Work

Regular mobile phones make use of land-based cell towers to route your calls and text messages, as well as enable your Internet activities. This makes your phone pretty much useless once you start straying far from a tower’s coverage area. Satellite phones work as a perfect alternative because, as suggested by its name, it relies on signal from satellites orbiting in space.

Getting One for Your Next Adventure

Whether you’re hiking up a mountain or riding a yacht out in the open sea, a satellite phone is an important necessity.  If you’re planning an adventure that will take you off the grid, it won’t be too hard to get one for yourself. There are plenty of models available online. You can check on Amazon or does some research to find websites that specialize on the latest and most reliable models. As an alternative, you can rent a satellite phone if you’re not yet willing to buy your own unit.

Choosing the Right Model

After you’ve decided where to buy or rent a satellite phone, the next thing you need to consider is which model to choose. On that regard, Forbes contributor Marc Weber Tobias suggests the following criteria. First, take into account the cost of the handset and how many times you expect to use it on your trip. Next, take a look at its ease of use and different geographic coverage requirements. Lastly, think about special features that might be useful for your trip. Some phones have GPS, phone tracking, and a panic alarm. Others have email and text messaging capabilities.

All in all, satellite phones are extremely useful tools for any thrill-seeking adventurer. Any fan of adventure and the great outdoors should consider having a reliable model on hand. Take note of these pointers and get yourself a satellite phone for when you fall off the grid once again.