How Does Content Curation Fit into Your SEO Campaign?

SEO Campaign in Australia High quality content is the cornerstone of any good SEO strategy. Write an in-depth blog post or conduct a study on a trending issue within your niche, and you will receive a strong boost in traffic, links and engagement. Yet producing valuable content on a regular schedule is very hard.

Because of this, many SEO Brisbane Internet marketing experts rely on content curation. In addition to producing original work, they share anything exceptional they find with their audience. What exactly are the benefits?

• This is less expensive and faster than creating your own content, without much of a difference in results. As long as your customers find it useful, they will appreciate it.

• A fresh point of view from a leading expert in your niche is something that will greatly interest your regular readers.

Curating is also a good way to network with the creators of the content, leading to valuable relationships with strong industry influencers.

The truth is, your customers just don’t have the time to research and find the best information within your niche. If you can do the work for them, they’ll learn that they only need to sign up for one newsletter to get everything delivered right to their inbox. Articles, infographics, guides, case studies, videos – there are plenty of things you can share.

But is there a right and wrong way to do it? SEO experts do stress that there are some rules you need to follow. First, it is vital to screen content thoroughly; you should only share the best, and link out to trusted websites. Sharing incorrect or poorly presented information will only damage your brand.

Second, adding your own insights and analysis is a good way to avoid potential duplicate content penalties. This also adds more value to the reader, prompting them to share it even if they had seen the original source beforehand.

Lastly, don’t forget to reach out to the content creators. While no one should mind you adding a link to or analysing their posts, it’s good courtesy to do so anyway. This will also improve the chances of them sharing your website in their own circles.