How Important is Cloud Testing?

A guy accessing the webMany organizations have adopted cloud computing and use cloud-based tools because of their advantages. Before any cloud-based app or service hits market, software companies have a lot of groundwork to accomplish.

There are many steps in the cloud testing process. The process tests the reliability, scalability, and performance of an application in a demanding environment. shares more information about this important requirement.

Steps in Cloud Testing

These days, testing is also being done in the cloud because it offers affordable and flexible pricing. Products become market ready faster, as tools available in the cloud make it easier for testing teams to work seamlessly. Application workloads can also be scaled up to check if performance will be affected when it is being used live.

A web application is tested the same way whether it is on a physical computer or on the cloud. The aspects that a tester must pay attention to during cloud testing are:


Because cloud infrastructure is elsewhere, testers don’t have any control over the hardware. Load tests must be run simultaneously on applications with shared resources to check how they affect functionality. Monitoring will help to validate performance and scalability.


As cloud applications use shared infrastructure and resources with other users, testers must pay more attention to issues such as access control and data privacy. This is of utmost importance, as security breaches can be costly.

Dependency on third party APIs

It is more likely that cloud applications use external APIs and other services to support their functionality. Checking what may be used should be part of the cloud solution.

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The above steps are key to developing and deploying a functional application in the cloud. The next step for companies wanting to use cloud storage and computing is to assess their needs and develop a checklist of things to do. Any IT-related migration is a delicate task. Anticipating problems will help keep costs down if the right testing team is in charge.