How Many Singaporeans Have Facebook Accounts?

Facebook AppThe level of Facebook penetration in Singapore remains high at 4.3 million people. Social media penetration in Singapore, particularly those who are on Facebook, rank among the highest in Asia despite the city-state’s small population. Aside from high-speed connections, global satellite Internet services is another reason for the large number of Facebook users. The Lion City has 4.3 million people with accounts on the social networking site out of an estimated 5.6 million population.

Social Connection

Any average person may think that Facebook’s popularity in Singapore is a huge factor for the large number of users, but the underlying reason involves the country’s regulatory policies on data and intellectual property. This served as the same reason for Facebook’s plan to invest $1 billion in a data storage centre, which will be the first of its kind in Asia. Cross-border data transfer policies also led the company to set up the technology hub. Unlike other countries in the region, Singapore allows consumer data to be transmitted overseas provided that the target destination has similar privacy protection laws.

Other Countries

Industry experts consider Japan as the other country in Asia with competent laws on cross-border data transfer, cybersecurity, and data privacy. Jeff Paine, Asia Internet Coalition managing director, said that international data transfers are important for the growth of the digital economy.

Other countries, however, are realising the importance of enforcing new laws on online data. These changes are evident in India, where the country’s population has increasingly become online. Its Personal Data Protection bill aims to take a page from the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation, which requires Internet companies to ask for users’ permission before using their data for specific purposes.

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While regulatory policies are important for protecting personal data, Internet users should also know that they could safeguard their sensitive information by using the right network. Satellite Internet makes this possible, while allowing you to be online 24/7 compared to other types of online connection.