In a World Shifting to Mobile, Certified Technicians Are in High Demand

Certify Your Mobile Technicial SkillsAt the junction of the technological age, a replacement for computers have finally come: smartphones. By making things smaller and smaller, manufacturers are able to stack powerful processors and a lot of memory modules. It’s far from being desktop-class quality, but for most people, it’s more than enough.


Soon, there will be major universities that offer courses dedicated to mobile engineering. Now, however, it’s impractical for current technicians and IT professionals to go to college again. This is why certifications like CertBlaster's A+ practice tests exist. It’s to provide authority for tech guys to provide repair services for hardware and software, including smartphones.


The World is Crazy for Smartphones


It’s a sign that demand is so high so many companies are getting into the smartphone business. A major manufacturer even brought back the flip architecture. Slowly and surely, people will stop coming to unofficial repair centers and turn to certified technicians.


By 2020, there will be 6.1 billion smartphone users. That’s most of the civilized world, and by then, handheld devices are powerful enough to run full-fledged software and complex apps. There will be errors to deal with, and though there is a clear trend to a modular build, it’s still beyond most consumers. Software remains linear and technicians are in high demand.


Better Features, Harder to Repair


True 4K recording, high-definition sound playback, virtual reality capabilities, super crisp photos: these will be basic features in smartphones years from now. It will be a delight to use, and a nightmare to fix. Even now, a simple software update can cripple a perfectly good phone.

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What will handheld devices also be is expensive and people will require better repairs. If smartphones run, organize and keep track of people’s lives now, even more so in the future. All this entail for technicians is more qualifications to do diagnostics and repair, for which it’s good to start now.


Whether it’s to become a repair technician or part of the manufacturing process, it’ll become harder to get into the smartphone industry now. Your expertise in computers may not be enough in a future where everyone’s using a handheld device.