Install Solar Panels: Use Graphene Based Photovoltaic Cells

Solar Power in UtahThe miracle product called graphene primarily consists of carbon atoms arranged in a honeycomb like structure. After the development of graphene, scientists found that it is an excellent conductor of electricity. Most solar power companies now use graphene sheets in the solar panels that they install. According to an expert from Utah Smart Energy, graphene ensures that there is no loss of power during transmission and it makes the photovoltaic cells much more efficient. 

Here are the uses of graphene sheets:

  • Faster transmission of electricity: Graphene is a much more efficient conductor of electricity in comparison to steel or tungsten. This ensures that after the generation of electricity, there is no loss of power during storage or transmission of electricity.
  • Efficient absorption of sunlight: Another unique feature of graphene is that it can absorb all colors of the sun’s rays. This characteristic subsequently ensures that the light rays are absorbed better and hence, the generation of electricity also happens efficiently.
  • Inexpensive option: Since, graphene is a synthetic material it can be manufactured at a much lesser price in comparison to metal sheets. Hence, the overall cost of purchasing and installing the photovoltaic cells are reduced considerably. With graphene sheets, even homeowners can consider harvesting solar power. Graphene sheets have made photovoltaic cells commercially viable option.
  • Environmentally safe: Unlike metal sheets, graphene sheets are bio degradable. Regarding the disposal of the solar cells, there is no risk of environmental hazard as the sheets will decompose easily.

Graphene sheets have completely revolutionized the use of photovoltaic cells to generate electricity. So if you are a homeowner interested in green energy, you can definitely consider installing solar panels with graphene sheets.

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