Is Overbooking Worth it for Dance Studios?

Dance ClassesOverbooked dance classes tell you three things: 1) your studio is so in-demand you can’t accommodate all enrollees, 2) you have terrible student management skills, or 3) you’re smart enough to have spare students to step in should someone backs out.

It can either make you money, or make you dream of the money you could have if you only found a way to accept everybody.

In some industries, they have procedures in place to handle overbooking capacity incidents. Airlines offer to reschedule flights, or downgrade or upgrade passengers to other travel classes. Hotels, on the other hand, advise inconvenienced guests when the next room will be available, but if they disagree, the hotel staff would walk a guest to another property for lodging.

While every business has a way of managing overbooking, how is your dance studio going to do about it is the question.

What Are the Risks?

From a business perspective, a surplus of enrollees is a better problem than a half-full class. Nevertheless, you need to come up with a solution for these students, or else you might lose them to another studio down the street.

Asking them to stick around in case of last-minute cancellations or no-shows is common practice, but it doesn’t really guarantee anything. If it wouldn’t work out, offering them to reschedule or take a possibly different but available class is the next reasonable thing to do.

How Students Might React?

The initial reaction of these students is most likely negative. Even if you give them all the options they have in the nicest way, they still have all the reasons to be unsatisfied with your service. Because why would you accept reservations when you have no more rooms in the first place? Some of them might have adjusted their own schedules just to make it to your class. Overbooking is simply rude to most people.

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You’re in luck if they’re willing to work with you, but don’t be surprised if you won’t see them again.

Should You Allow Overbooking?

Unless this is your way of building a solid reputation for your studio, overbooking should be out of the question—especially in the nature of your business. As an expert from The Studio Director advises, you must start reading dance studio software reviews and invest in an advanced program that could prevent you—and your enrollees—from ever dealing with this problem.

Overbooking may serve as insurance should someone backs out, thus helping you avoid losing potential revenue, but it’s too big a risk to take for dance, gymnastics studios and the likes. If you’re serious about making your business profitable, putting your money efficient class management system is the key.