Keep Safe: Three Simple Habits of Protecting Data and Software

data securityIndividuals and businesses use the web to store an unimaginable amount of valuable data. Securing all of it may be hard work, but it is not impossible. By following the steps below, you can boost the chances of avoiding corrupted files and can prevent hackers and crackers from evading your defences.

Back Your Data Up

Everyone has a bad habit of forgetting to save or back up their most important files. This, more than viruses or getting hardware stolen, is one of the most common reasons behind data loss. An overabundance of information stored in a single storage container (that is either your hard drive or your external) can make it very difficult to navigate and find what you need after weeks or months of being unused. Unless you have a very sophisticated means of searching for files, take the time to back up your data in multiple folders or flash drives or set up a free cloud storage service.

Update Your Protection

As annoying as many anti-virus applications may be, they are designed to protect your files from being corrupted and irretrievably destroyed. Network and IT solution companies advise businesses and individuals to purchase original anti-virus software.

Besides anti-viruses, you should also make a habit of frequently changing your passwords for all your online profiles at least once every three months. Just make sure you remember all of them or you have a secure password recovery method.

Use Multiple Browsers

Using multiple browsers makes it easier for you to separate your personal browsing habits from your more professional contacts. More importantly, it will also help you make sure that if one browser or profile is infected with a virus, your other profiles will remain untouched. It might be a little difficult to get used to moving from one browser to the next, but once you get used to it, you can prevent certain files from being made public and separate work from your personal life.

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These steps do not guarantee that your files and other data will be 100% safe, though. It is advisable to work with an IT and software specialist in protecting your repository of files and the entire computer system.