Keeping Your Family Safe from Wildfires

a firefighter spraying water to a wildfireThe number of wildfire incidents in Utah has continued to increase and those who were forced to flee their homes—or lost their homes entirely—have reached more than a thousand.

Don’t Be the Spark

Across the USA, 84 percent of all wildfires are caused by human carelessness. An unattended campfire, a car accident near dry brush, an errant single firework, or even a hastily discarded cigarette can be the cause of a massive wildfire. Two of the largest wildfires that hit Utah were determined to be man-made.

fire protection system in your Utah house and a fire extinguisher in your car—combined with a healthy dose of common sense and responsibility—is enough to ensure that you won’t be causing any fires accidentally.

Stay Updated

Have a television or a radio at hand to get updated news, especially during wildfire months. Getting information quickly gives you more options on how to deal with difficult situations. Call your friends and family that live nearby once you get the news and try to spread the word as much as you can. Visit elderly family members or friends that may have mobility issues.

Have a Plan

If you live in or close to a dry and hot area that’s vulnerable to wildfires, it is crucial that you have an evacuation plan. Have a list of the important items that you can transport, as well as the routes you can take to reach a safe area. This is especially true if you own a farm. Include a plan to transport animals and livestock and everything you need to put the plan into action. It is important to practice this plan among your family members or your workers to make sure they will be ready if things go bad.

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Natural wildfires are unavoidable, but the numbers will drop significantly if we can eliminate the ones started by human recklessness. Stay informed, have a plan, and make sure you and your loved ones stay safe.