LED is the Smart and Green Choice (But Read the Fine Print First)

LED LightsLED lights are relevant in architecture. Sophisticated solutions are available in the market for interior and exterior requirements. Landscape lights, mount lights and even LED floodlights in unique designs are not as inaccessible as you think.

You have a selection of suspended linear, decorative pendants and recessed lights — all energy efficient and undeniably stylish.

Creative applications of LED lighting are popping up everywhere in Europe and in North America. As Modern Neon says, architectural LED lighting is useful in hotels, cinemas and restaurants. However, there are precautions to take and operational concerns that deserve close attention.

Managing issues of overheating

Thermal management of architectural LED lighting fittings is important if you want to benefit from your investment fully. Bundling together LED fittings haphazardly may be disastrous,  as they are temperature-sensitive.

While the fittings will not explode without warning when they generate too much heat, the light output may decrease, the colour shift is affected and the longevity of the fixtures is compromised. All light sources utilising LED technology must have an effective thermal management supporting them.

LED is the smart choice

Nevertheless, LEDs are ideal for various architectural applications because these high output light sources are low maintenance and energy efficient. The light beam is concentrated and the source itself is compact, small and easy to package and mount.

The colour options are virtually endless and there are no problems about ultraviolet light production. LED lights are easy to install, focus and modify to your preference. You do not have to worry about electric shock because the lights do not have cathodes or filaments. Most importantly, you are at no risk of exposure to mercury, which may be harmful to health.

Architectural LED lighting systems offer your home or business a flexible, affordable and environmentally-friendly solution. They are systems you will be proud to use for functional and ornamental lighting.