Lufthansa Launches New Apple Watch App for Travelers

The Apple Watch has been the talk of the town since its official release last April 2015. With its first-day sales beating out the competition’s yearly profits and backorders to be delivered this June, the Apple Watch symbolizes international success. The Apple innovation will continue to expand its breach with the help of Europe’s largest airline. Last May 16, 2015, Lufthansa announced a new app installed in Apple Watch targeting a new demographic for the tech giant: travelers.

This new innovation is expected to lead the growth in smartwatch popularity. The Lufthansa app promises perfect guidance for anyone who travels through the German airline’s services.

Lufthansa App Dubbed as Perfect Travel Companion

The German airline claims that the innovative app will serve as the perfect companion for constant travelers. The app, which also doubles as a boarding pass, gives passengers access to updated and vital flight information. This includes seat numbers, boarding times, terminal numbers, flight statuses and the current time and weather of their destination. Lufthansa customers gains access to such information 24 hours prior their flight and also while flying towards their destination.

Apple WatchUsers who already downloaded the Lufthansa App on their iPhones or iPads need not worry about missing out. They can also download the same app on their Apple Watches through Bluetooth.

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The Lufthansa app supplies travelers with important flight information and doubles as a boarding pass that fits on the wrist.

Apple Watch’s Lufthansa app continues a growing trend

Lufthansa executives considered the fact that travelers rely more on the mobile apps for flight bookings, itineraries and hotel searching. According to Jen Bischof, member of Lufthansa’s German Airlines Board for product, marketing and sales, the company was inspired with the recent trend of mobile apps.

“Our passengers will be able to check the most important flight details with the new app, now without having to take their smartphone out of their pockets or bags,” explained Bischof.

The company aims to improve a traveler’s in-flight experience while also improving their digital and ground services. This is only made possible with today’s expansion on mobile applications.

The travel industry continuously expands amongst millennial, young professionals and singles—the same people known for their frequent usage of mobile apps. With more than 50% of Lufthansa’s passengers preferring to use mobile boarding passes or online check-ins, the Apple Watch Lufthansa app is a traveler’s necessity.

The Apple Watch Lufthansa App is now available for free download from the App Store.