Mapping Your Career Path in Network Administration

Network AdministratorNetwork administration is crucial to organizations. It ensures the smooth and efficient operation of businesses. It requires investment in sound technology and processes to maintain the integrity of different systems. It fixes and prevents problems. It’s a big responsibility for anyone entering the field, but with an average salary of $95,980 for a certified network administrator, it’s a fulfilling career.

As an aspiring network administrator, you’ll need a broad range of competencies to meet your responsibilities. Like most IT professionals, however, your goal certainly isn’t limited to just doing the job. You’ll want to know more to exceed expectations, and secure a successful career in network administration.

Career Advancement

Network administrators need certification. You’ll come across vendor-specific certification, which focuses on hardware and software from particular vendors. While this type of certification does carry weight, it can restrict your capabilities.

Consider a vendor-neutral certification, such as CompTIA. You can work on a broader range of products and technologies with CompTIA Network+ certification. Your skills and knowledge will be compatible with whatever system a company uses. To ensure success with your certification, get a practice exam. The Network+ exam features 90 questions, and a typical practice exam will contain about 500 questions, giving sufficient preparation.

Know More

In addition to securing certification, you also need to know about new technologies. Companies continue to explore, test and implement new technologies to improve efficiencies and enhance security. A recent poll revealed organizations are adopting software-defined networking, and some expect big impact from other technologies, such as converged infrastructure.

Once you’ve gained the necessary skills and expertise, explore areas or industries offering better opportunities. Better opportunities don’t necessarily mean more salary. You can work with a new company and get the average median salary for a certified network administrator. However, you’ll have access to the latest technology.

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Network administration is challenging work, but it’s rewarding, too. Work hard to gain the right certification. Know about new technologies. And you’ll secure success as a network administrator.