Microsoft Office 365 for nonprofits

Microsoft Office 365 offers secure anywhere access to professional email, shared calendars, instant messaging, video conferencing and document collaboration.

On January 12, 2012 we were fortunate to have Maria Hall, cloud computing specialist from Meritide, join us for a program on Office 365 for Nonprofits. On deck to help Maria with some of the implementation questions was our very own Ber Yang, tech circuit rider at MAP for Nonprofits.

The resources from that presentation are below, as well as the answers to some of the questions asked during the program.

Download the resources from our January 2012 Office 365 demo:

FAQ About Microsoft Office 365 for Nonprofits

How many people can participate in an online meeting?
  • 250 attendees at one time.  This is only in Lync Online Plan 2 which is a part of ALL E plans (see the E Family Pricing Plan above for details.)
How much space is included in the public-facing website included in SharePoint Online?
  • 100GB
Can you have multiple shared Outlook calendars on your mobile device?
Different staff members need different tools to do their job – can I mix plans or do we all need to have the same?
  • Yes you can mix accounts according to staff needs, provided they are all “E” plans.  You can not mix “E” and “P” family plans.
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