Mobile Data: Do You Really Need it when Travelling?

InternetEurope is a highly industrialised continent, with sophisticated communications systems and impressive transportation routes. Finding internet connection while travelling is not that difficult. After all, you will likely find a free Wi-Fi hotspot on some darling London corner cafe.

If Wi-Fi were freely available, why would you even need to invest in mobile data? Well, according to UK Prepaid Sim Card, using mobile data gives you the freedom to access the internet on the go.

It is especially useful for receiving calls and texts through mobile apps, which becomes limited when you have to access a Wi-Fi hotspot first. It means that you will not receive calls unless you find a place that offers free Wi-Fi. This poses a problem because you cannot be sure when you will have internet access again.

Reliability and Convenience

Mobile data is a convenient thing to have. When travelling, you can choose to use mobile data through roaming, or you can decide to purchase a local prepaid SIM card instead (which will likely be the more cost-effective option).

Mobile data can be a bit pricey, but the convenience and the constant connectivity are worth it. One of the advantages of mobile data is that you can go online at any time of the day, as long as your phone does not run out of battery first.

You receive texts and messages instantly, without the downtime of having to scramble for the nearest hotspot. You can also use it in conjunction with your GPS, so that you can find locales and download maps while exploring the city.

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There are Some Downsides

Of course, mobile data is not infallible. Unlike Wi-Fi, which gives you practically unlimited online connectivity, mobile data usually has data caps. For example, your current plan can hold about 12GB of data, which is fairly sizable, but will likely be spent completely after watching several hours’ worth of YouTube videos.

If you plan to do data-intensive tasks such as playing games or streaming videos online, it is best to switch to a Wi-Fi hotspot instead.

Still, the mobile data is a useful thing to have while you are travelling. Having a reliable connection at all times is simply convenient.