Moving to a New Apartment: Things to Check

New ApartmentMoving to a new apartment takes a lot of work. Apart from all the packing at the place you're leaving, there are preparations involving the place you're moving into. Rushed moves are the worst because you have no time to prepare, the chances of leaving some things behind or losing them in transit are high, and when you find out the new apartment is a dump, it's too late.

Use this guide to make sure your new apartment turns out to be the place you'd like to live in.

Check the Bathroom

Apartment owners or property owners are not likely to tell you much about the bathroom, but it's one way to gauge the quality of the entire place. The amount of attention an owner is willing to give to the construction of the bathroom is typically half of what they would give to the rest of the house. So if the bathroom looks good, you have a small assurance that the rest of the house was built with care and quality. Whatever the condition of the bathroom, however, the sensible thing to do is to replace that old toilet seat.

Check the Wiring

Checking the wiring isn't just about making sure every socket works; it's about safety. An expert from TASCO, Inc. said that usingelectrical test toolsto determine the safety and functionality of every socket is a good idea. It also makes sense to know the wiring, in case you have to make repairs, adjustments, and additions.

Check the Windows

The quality and condition of the windows alsolet you know how much the owner has cared for the apartment. Peeling paint or cracked plastic are bad signs, so are broken glass, stuck sashes, and damaged locks. Windows should be safely locked from the inside, but should open easily if you need to escape in case of an emergency. Insulation is another important property of windows. If they have a high-energy efficiency rating, that's one less problem in the future.

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These are three of the most important things you should check before signing a contract with the owner or person in charge of an apartment. Comfort and peace of mind should define the apartment you're moving into.