Nonprofit video

Nonprofit video

Are you feeling the pressure to have a video for your nonprofit, but don’t have the budget or the know how to produce it? The resources in this post from the August 26, 2011 “And…ACTION” video workshop will clue you in on important concepts, tips on the right equipment to buy and more.

Special thanks to Jeff Achen, interactive media strategist at GiveMN, who put together these resources. Kudos also to Jason Barnett, executive director, and Mike McIntee, executive producer of The Uptake for contributing their expertise to the program!

Downloadable resources and how-to tip sheets on nonprofit video

Video editing tutorials and product prices

These links will guide you to tutorials on the web related to the following video editing products. The prices listed are approximate. For great deals on software for nonprofits, we recommend TechSoup. You may be able to find better deals on these products at that website.

Have questions for the presenters?

You can find Jeff, Jason and Michael on Twitter!
  • Jeff Achen, interactive media strategist, GiveMN, @JeffAchen
  • Jason Barnett, executive director, The Uptake, @JasonBarnett
  • Michael McIntee, executive producter, The Uptake, @MMcIntee

Other resources

Here are other resources that were mentioned during today’s presentation.

  • MPEG Streamclip
    This free program allows you to convert video files to different formats.
  • Free Music Archive
    On this website you’ll find public domain music, much of which is okay to use in your nonprofit’s video. Make sure to read the copyright for each individual piece of music before using.
  • Premium Beat
    This website has reasonably priced royalty free music.
  • Music Bakery
    Another great website with reasonably priced royalty free music.
  • Flickr
    On this website you can find some public domain photos. Make sure you check each picture’s copyright restrictions carefully before using.
  • Tips on Video Compression from Vimeo
  • TubeMogul
    This website allows you to distribute your video to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo by just submitting it once to TubeMogul’s web form.
  • YouTube’s Nonprofit Video Program
    Nonprofit’s that qualify can apply for this program and receive special benefits, including being able to upload longer videos.
  • IFP Minnesota
    IFP Minnesota is a nonprofit that, among other things, provides classes to local people wishing to learn more about videography and video editing. They also have video equipment available for rent at affordable rates.
  • Start Storytelling Nonprofit Video Guide
    Not sure where to start with your first nonprofit video? Looking for a handy guide? This free resource is for you.

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Cary is the technology education and outreach coordinator at MAP for Nonprofits. She is responsible for the MAP TechWorks website and its content, coordinates TechWorks classes, and maintains and curates the Tech Talk listserve.

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