Office Productivity: Products without Service are like a Car with Three Wheels

office printerThere are certain situations wherein even the latest technology is inadequate for your purposes. Imagine needing to get a client’s signature on a document; e-mail sure isn’t the right tool for the job, but it’s the only thing available in most offices. The need for quality office tools is apparent, but so is the need for the right kind of support for them.

Better Officiency

In the world of email and social media, it seems most pieces of office equipment are slowly crawling back to the Hall of Outdated Technologies. But, against all odds, the humble fax machine can still be found in most offices, while most other devices get discarded. Let’s take a closer at these machines and find out what makes them different in the world of modern office operations.

The first question everyone inevitably asks is ‘why fax when you can send attached files via email?’ Well, imagine you’re in a corporate meeting, and you need the latest sales numbers. You need a quick and efficient way to get the data from the computer to show the data. But, wouldn’t you be able to quickly view those statistics online or over a LAN connection?

The problem with such resources is that they’re dependent on the efficiency of additional factors such as the Internet connection and LAN cables. In addition, digital data is easy to alter or delete, making them not as reliable as hard copy.

Full Circle

The secret to the longevity of the fax machine is the operating reality that every job needs the right tool to get done right. The hardware support complements the digital majority of office operations. But, as it’s a piece of high functioning equipment, it still needs maintenance of some sort to remain useful.

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This is the reason even future-oriented services such as still provide Xerox printer services. They address a need that’s still prevalent in corporate Australia, which is more than what can be said for most offices who rush through their work without thinking about how to get the things they need.

Companies that fail to recognise the lessons of past technologies will be doomed to either repeat their mistakes, or require their services at inopportune moments. Just because something is old doesn’t mean it’s useless. There’s still a place for reliable hardware – even in a world dominated by all things digital.