Online Competition: More Than Throwing Punches

SEO Companies in PerthAside from the usual back-and-forth about how great and essential their services are, it does beg the question: how companies compete in the online landscape? Smear campaigns against competitions doesn’t work like it used to; humour replaced sully, as several companies can attest to doing it with their rivals. People can see this behaviour with big American companies, and how they use pop culture to tarnish and reinforce their brand.

The one thing that needs getting out of the way is the “underdog takes on the giants” mindset. It’s very ambitious, but that is its downfall. When aiming high, there’s always the chance of failure. It’s hard to fail as a business today, even harder when reputations are at stake. So, unless a company has ample room to take risks, it’s better to stay grounded for the mean time.

Focusing on the Little Things

It’s worth pointing out that the big companies, such as Apple, Amazon and Microsoft, are service-oriented. They focus on maximum efficiency, and do things the large-scale way. This is where SME’s and startups have the advantage, because they can do what multinational conglomerates can: sweat on the small stuff. This world of finite details is where online competition exists.

Where Most of Them Focus On

Unless a certain organisation found a more effective way of marketing their services, chances are most of them will be putting their effort in the same things. It’s not playing safe, but a more positive view of it is working within the rules. Nevertheless, ambitious, but starting, companies should follow suit. It’s not the worst thing to go with the flow at the beginning. The premise is finding foothold, then the complex stuff, including brand identity and individual traits, come next.

Content – Whether the customer expects a company to be an expert or they already are, there’s vital importance in seeming like the authority. Some enterprises have owners or managers who have enough time to  about some pretty important stuff, but it’s not better than getting the services of SEO companies in Perth. says they know exactly what to write about and how to make it a fountainhead of information.

Customer Service – This is where most of the big players fail, and some of them spectacularly flounder in addressing customer concerns post-purchase. Thus, better customer service means better reputation. This aspect is critical, however anyone spins it.

Analysis – Every business would be wise to follow the statistics bandwagon. It’s slicing things too small, but it works. Knowing the small flaws and victories is important in determining the next step, or a better one. Furthermore, it’s so easy to do basic analytics nowadays. Social media have some user-friendly platforms for it, waiting to be utilised.

It’s important to end every brainstorming with optimism. That saying, it’s never expensive to hope for the best. Fortune always contributes to the efficiency of any solution, however small.