Online Sales: Conducting Business at the Speed of Light

Online ShoppingThe world’s obsession about speed affects almost every aspect of people’s daily lives. You have instant noodles, instant coffee and express deliveries. Factor fast food restaurants and fast-acting medicines, and it seem that the hunger for quick and easy solutions is everywhere. The Internet of Things could make it go even faster. Now, business approaches the speed of light in transaction processes.

The results of the Internet revolution are nothing short of staggering. Before, you would need to go to the library to research. Now, all you have to do is use your smartphone to access an endless stream of knowledge. That is just the start.

World of Endless Possibilities

Because of the internet, the impossible are now possible.

Take Apple. In 2012, its iPhone sold over 2 million in its first 24hours. These were pre-orders done on their online shop. It would never have been possible for brick-and-mortar shops to sell that fast, and not just for the lack of selling appeal.

The world is shrinking. People in any part of the world can speak to anybody via Skype, Viber or WhatsApp. Pictures seen imessage waiting for activation on iphone halfway around the planet in real time could from the other side.

Convenience at Home

What this means for any Australian home is huge convenience. Accessing Direct Trades Supply and other online shops are easier. People can even buy straight from there, adding more convenience to the user-friendly process.

Better yet, the old man could just tap on his smartphone, use apps and order. Even small businesses are using apps to widen their reach, providing more choices to some previously monopolised industries.

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With over 1 billion Android smartphones worldwide sold in 2014 alone, imagine the possibilities.

No doubt, the dawn of Internet of Things makes the world hyper-connected. Soon enough, many of the physical transactions could be digital.