People Counting Systems: Saving Physical Stores

Online ShoppingWith the prevalence of smartphones comes the popularity of online shopping. Some people prefer this form of shopping because there’s a chance to get the same items found in a physical shop at lower prices.

While this could pose as a potential threat to your business’ survival, there is a way to salvage this. Some companies suggest using a people counting software to fight showrooming.

What is Showrooming?

This is when a shopper visits stores to look for a specific product and exit without buying anything. They do this because they intend to check for prices online. Online prices tend to be lower, so many people prefer online shopping over buying from physical shops.

For them, the physical store serves as a showroom of sorts, a catalogue of things they want to buy online. This could also mean that they are scouting for shops with similar items, comparing their prices. With this method, they can gauge for the best items and look for lower prices online.

Why is this bad for business? It can affect the bottom line and put the store’s survival in jeopardy. 

How Can Using People Counting Systems Be Useful?

People counting systems could be helpful to your business in a number of ways:

First, these can help compare online and in-store traffic. One of the disadvantages of online shopping, especially when shopping for clothes, is that you can’t try them on. What people counting software does is that it gives you the opportunity to review the platforms used by shoppers. Looking at your in-store and online traffic can help you engage your customers better. Internet campaigns seem to be a trend these days.

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Think about your in-store customer service. Analyze the foot traffic every hour and consider the performance of the employee working at that particular time. Employees who have great interpersonal skills make customers reconsider the physical aspect of buying things.

In addition, fully stocked stores increase footfall. When your inventory is full, that would mean more people coming into your store because of the items you have. Polls show that when shelves lack the items people want, there is a risk of losing customers.

Keep track of your store’s progress. People counting software systems track transactions, conversions, and traffic, helping you monitor if your efforts are successful.