Preparing for the Dawn of 100 Gigabit Telecommunications

100 Gigabit TelecommunicationsAt the Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exhibition (OFC) in Anaheim, California, testing vendors showcased demonstrations on next-generation fiber networks. The OFC is the largest global conference and exhibit for optical communications and networking professionals. Companies such as EXFO, Anritsu, and InnoLight Technology, launch design and solution innovations at the OFC.

Understanding transceiver compatibility, data transfer rate, and supported distance between products and systems, network solution vendors and tech consumers should be aware of multi-service agreements (MSA).

Importance of Multi-Service Agreements says that multi-service agreements give tech consumers a variety of choices.

“Multi-service agreements is a kind of handshake deal between transceiver manufacturers to make their products comply with differing system vendors. MSAs rely on a few details to make several products suitable for different systems. Often, these transceivers have the same dimensions, connectors, mechanical layout and placing mechanisms,” the company says.

Preparing for 100-Gigabit Telecommunications Networks

At the OFC, EXFO, a manufacturer of testing solutions for communication service providers, presented a new lab solution that combines next-generation platform and lab modules with a web-based, multi-user interface. The solution includes the LTB-8 RackMount Platform, EXFO Multilink management system, and Power Blazer 100G Multiservice Test Module.

Intended for fast and efficient testing, the LTB-8 RackMount Platform features an eight-slot configuration supporting simultaneous tests of eight 100G modules. It comes with a complete set of lab testing options developed for system design, development, and deployment testing.

The EXFO Multilink management system enables remote access support for the LTB-8. As a web-based system, it has a multiple-user interface enabling remote access to several modules and platforms across several locations.

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The Power Blazer 100G Multiservice Test Module is the industry’s first solution with an integrated CFP4 and QSFP+/QSFP28 aligned with 100G network deployment and an SFP+ port. With compact 10M-to-100G modules, the Power Blazer speeds up product development and verification.

High-Speed Technology for the Next-Generation Networks

Meanwhile, utilizing the Anritsu MP1800A Signal Quality Analyzer (SQA) BERT and InnoLight’s optical transceivers, Anritsu and InnoLight Technology demonstrated solutions for next-generation networks during the conference. The demo testing showcases high-speed technology for cloud computing, wireless interconnectivity, and advanced SDN networks.

MSAs between companies and brands allow collaboration in design and solutions. Moving towards the future of optical fiber communications, events like the OFC prove crucial in presenting testing demonstrations that allow innovations in high-speed technology. This is the dawn of 100-Gigabit telecommunications.