Right After Writing a Blog Post: Things You Need to Do

Content Marketing in BrisbaneEven meaningful and engaging blog posts can go unnoticed, especially without the right marketing. Hitting the publish button on a great content doesn’t necessarily mean that people will know about it and share it with other users.

If you want your content to generate leads, relying solely on the search engine and your subscribers is not enough. According to an expert from Bambrick Media, an SEO company in Brisbane, you need to create a content marketing plan that will promote your posts and reach its audience.

Optimise Your Posts

A little keyword research and integration can go a long way in boosting traffic to you blog. Search through your content and determine the key topic you tackled in your post. Then, you can look for the most popular keywords and search variations in wording and phrasing.

You might want to go back to your blog post and tweak your content, title, and Meta description using those suggested terms and phrases. You can also do this with your previous blog posts or content pieces that you want to update.

Provide Status Updates

Status updates will not always translate into clicks, especially if you just type your content’s headline in your all of your social site’s status boxes and provide links. Keep in mind that each social site is different, so it is best to tailor and personalise your status for each site or community.

It is also good to know that when you post updates on a social site, only a small number of subscribers or followers will be online at that time. You can send multiple updates on different times, but be sure to use different updates or headlines.

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Syndicate Your Content

Establish RSS connection to your social media sites or profile to expand your reach immediately. This can also help you save some valuable time than posting your blogs manually. You can also setup RSS-to-email campaigns for your content. This technique allows you to let email subscribers know about your new blog when it is posted.

Don’t let your blogs go unnoticed. Find ways to boost your content marketing or get the help of an SEO expert to help expand your blog’s reach.