Security and Fire Overlap with a Single Vendor

Fire alarm box installed for safetyThe next device revolution is towards safety and security for the home. This is where fire protection and the smart home security system meet. Home fire experts like Certified Fire Protection recommend an integrated system that couples with smart home solutions and cloud-based security.

Fire Protection

The range of services for fire protection includes sprinklers installation, alarm installation, sprinkler repair and maintenance, fire alarm repair and maintenance, fire sprinklers inspection, fire doors, suppression system, and fire alarm inspections.

These also include fire extinguishers, fire extinguisher inspections, emergency exit lights inspections, and others. This is an end-to-end service for both the home and office buildings.

Setting Services Apart

Fire safety and security services usually do not come bundled with purely security services. However, it is a good idea to have the security and fire protection services from the same company.

With this in mind, it is easier to protect one company with blanket coverage, rather than having two separate services that conveniently overlap. This breaks the tenet of the security industry, a single point of failure for the system.

With fire and security bundled together, there is only one alert for all. Also, the fire systems do not have to be vetted by the security agency, and vice versa.

Only One Point of Contact

With both services sourced out with the same company, there is only one point of contact. In setting up the system, the user or owner only has to talk to one person. During maintenance and repair, there is only one point of contact.

READ IP Address Login and Administration

This relieves the pressure to communicate separately with two companies. Instead, it a topic crosses over to the other system, communication between stakeholders can be done internally, with no blaming regarding jurisdiction, and work responsibilities.

The advantage of this system is that one can do many of the tasks by smart agents and appliances. These would then feed their alerts to the user’s smartphone. Smart home security systems are not really dependent on the internet or on a smartphone app.

The smartphone is the interface to the smart security system that allows for long distance remote management. Being interconnected by the internet, these smart devices can communicate and work with one another, as well as with the user via a smartphone app.