All That You Need to Know About Showbox App

Showbox App is the open source, multi-platform Bittorrent client that comprises the sleek media player to stream pirated content. This application has been designed to perform as the pirated alternative of the popular Netflix. It allows users to stream unauthorized copies of movies and TV shows using BitTorrent Showbox Official App makes uses of chronological uploading and downloading of copies to play it on its media player. A group of developers from Argentina worked thoroughly to develop a software application to allow streaming videos and TV shows from torrents back in March 2014 and hence Showbox came into existence thereafter and became popular and most downloaded software application for watching movies and pirated copies.

Showbox App works smoothly on different platforms and allows streaming movies and TV shows with quicker downloading and uploading. This application would work smoothly if you jailbreak or use a hack. It performs on different platforms including, Android, iOS, Linux, PC, OS X and it even supports Airplay to Apple TV.

How Showbox Works?

According to most of the users, Showbox App usually works much like its counterpart Netflix. The only difference is that it has got much more new releases of movies and latest TV shows to stream. Users can easily navigate the application by browsing across the thumbnails of TV shows and movie posters. They can also run a search to find their favorite movies to stream through Showbox. After finding the movie you want to stream you can tap the movie poster to watch it on your device. It starts instantly.

At the backend, there are JavaScript/CSS/HTML applications delivered by a browser. The streaming is basically rendered by the torrent client. All the details and information are fetched automatically by Popcorn from diverse sources and hence it put all those information together under one platform for streaming.

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What Can you Watch on Showbox App?

However, it completely depends on the users what they exactly want to watch. The main screen of the Showbox App for iPhone keeps on changing with the most popular and recent releases of movies and TV shows. The users just need to tap the poster which they want to stream. However, the application has the widest collection of movies and TV shows. So, for older shows and movies users are required to run a search by typing the name of the movie or TV shows they want to stream.