Survey Show Motorists Are Aware Of Going Over The Speed Limit

Speed Limits and PenaltiesNobody likes a speed ticket, yet a survey showed that most motorists will not argue with police officers if they were pulled over because of speeding.

The 2015 poll revealed that 91% of respondents accept an officer’s reason as a legitimate one if they were given a proper explanation. Since law enforcement today uses high-tech devices such as speed radar guns, it’s going to be difficult for drivers to complain about going over the speed limit.

Survey Statistics

Men and women have an almost equal chance of being pulled over and receiving a ticket, despite the popular myth about a driver’s gender. Whether or not police officers use a radar gun, the rate of police contact has declined in recent years. The rate of overall police contact among people over 16 years old reached around 21% in 2015, down from 26% in 2011.

Aside from using modern tools to catch speeding drivers, the expensive price of a ticket serves as another reason for people to follow traffic laws. However, people are more likely to avoid a run-in with traffic patrollers because of the hefty fines in some states more than other places in the U.S.

Hefty Fines

Virginia is among states that impose strict penalties for speeding drivers, even for first-time offenders. You could pay up to $2,500 if you drive 80 mph, and possibly spend up to 12 months in jail for a speeding violation.

In terms of speed traps, New Jersey has more of those than anywhere else in the country. Motorists who drive 10 mph over the speed limit will have to pay twice the regular penalty since the state considers the violation as racing on public roads.

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The best way to avoid a ticket involves compliance with traffic rules and regulations in your state. If you’re planning a road trip soon, it pays to know the applicable laws in your destination.