Target Locked: Why Your Home Attracts Burglars

Alarm System in HoustonBurglars don’t just prey on a random home on the block. They have a system to make sure they won’t be caught. They walk around the neighborhood, choose a potential target, and gather information about the dwellers.

When choosing a house to rob, burglars always look into the details — from the size of your windows to the locks of your garage door. To counter these offenders, start ridding your house of the things that attract them.

Generic Locks

Change the locks of your doors and windows if you bought them from a generic brand. Burglars can easily reproduce duplicate keys. Once they find out that you’re using generic locks, it will be easy for them to break into your home. You may consider an upgrade by using locks that can be only opened using a smartphone.

Nonexistent Alarm System

Got no alarm system? You’ve got a problem then. Since there are no security cameras or alarms installed anywhere in the house, it’ll be easier for burglars to steal from you. Industry experts at suggest installing foolproof alarm systems.

A View of the Home’s Interiors

If you have tall and wide windows that are always open, you run the risk of having your house robbed. You’re unconsciously giving burglars a clear view of your valuables. Invest in blinds or drapery. To double the protection, you may install security films onto your windows to make them unbreakable.

Hints About your Social Status

Boxes of expensive purchases left outside your home may give away your social status, something that attracts burglars. So if you bought a new flat screen TV, do yourself a favor; destroy the box and throw the pieces into the garbage can.

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Some burglars are good planners, so make sure that all safety and security measures are in place. Prevent burglars from targeting your home by being aware of the neighborhood and the strangers that pass by.