The Booths that can Save the Lives of Your Paint Operators

Life-Saving Booths for Paint HandlersPaint products contain thousands of compounds chemical in nature. These include extenders, additives, solvents (xylene, alcohol, glycol ethers, esters, ketones, and toluene), binders, and pigments. Constant and long term exposure to these chemical compounds put workers, whose job entail manufacturing paint, at risk of suffering from many different types of ailments.

The greatest health threats

Of all the possible dangers associated with exposure to the chemicals present in paint, the most serious is cancer.

Lung cancer, stomach cancer, bladder cancer, laryngeal cancer, skin cancer, prostatic cancer, urinary tract cancer, buccal cancer, gall bladder cancer, biliary tract cancer, leukemia, as well as lymphatic system malignancies are just some of the worst cases of scenario for paint manufacturers.

Other health issues associated with paint manufacturing

Painters and paint manufacturers may also suffer from certain allergies and non-allergic reactions to paint exposure. For instance, they can develop contact dermatitis. They are also at risk of asthma and chronic bronchitis. All the chemicals present and used in paint can also adversely affect the nervous system. Some studies also reveal a connection between negatively affected blood and blood-forming organs, kidneys, as well as liver and paint production and exposure.

Do not risk you production staff at risk: Use high-performance paint booths

Downdraft paint booths perform well in controlling paint fumes and overspray, which can lead to them going airborne and contaminating everything, including the health of your workers and the integrity of your facility’s equipment. You will find these booths in many of today’s paint-using industries, and not just in paint manufacturing companies.

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These contaminant containing booths make good investments for those in the automotive refinishing and detailing shops, furniture manufacturing stores, and other businesses where paint is a necessity. Always remember that you should prioritize the health of your operators and production staff, so install these booths to give them a safe place to work.