The Next Best Thing to Natural Teeth

Woman Undergoing Dental TreatmentTooth loss means losing more than pearly whites. It can mean losing the ability to eat as easily, losing the ability to smile with the same level of confidence and it can even mean losing the ability to speak in the same way. The repercussions just keep on coming as over the years untreated tooth loss can cause changes in a person’s face shape as the jawbone deteriorates. This can lead to even more tooth loss as neighbouring teeth start to wobble and tilt. Dentures aren’t the only solution in Windsor. Dental implants have become increasingly popular over the decades as the most reliable way to replace missing teeth.

Dentists across the UK would agree that dental implants are the closest approximation of natural teeth available today. That’s why so many dental practices now offer dental implants in Windsor, including Old Windsor Dental Practice.

The Upsides of Dental Implant

Dental implants are biocompatible, which means when placed directly into the jawbone, they integrate with the body and encourage new bone to mesh around them. This is what gives dental implants superior stability and means that once the replacement teeth are attached on top, patients can bite into whatever food they like without fear of their new teeth shifting about.

As dental implants mimic natural tooth roots, they enable vital vibrations to be sent down from the replacement teeth into the jawbone. This is what keeps the jawbone strong and healthy, so that patients can avoid the sunken-cheeked look often seen in denture users.

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The Downsides of Dental Implant

There are two main downsides, both of which have solutions. Firstly, dental implants require minor oral surgery, which many patients can find daunting. However local anaesthetic is more than enough to numb the pain and sedation is also available to relax patients. Secondly, there is the cost. Dental implants are not cheap, but it is an investment that pays off given that they can last for decades. What’s more, many dental practices offer payment plans to help spread the cost, making it more affordable for patients who would’ve otherwise considered dental implants in Windsor out of their reach.