The Truth about The Real Power of Satellite Mobile Phones

Man using satellite mobile phone with his buddyWhen the talk comes to satellite phones, a lot of people picture the now-defunct huge, bulky, and heavy handsets. Many of them even think that they no longer have a place in today’s increasingly touch screen reliant society. The truth is, these devices still play a huge role in communications, and have gone a long way from their humble beginnings.

In fact, there are many situations when satellite mobile phones exceed the functionalities of modern smart-phones. This is why, until now, many individuals and industries still invest in them for their various critical applications.

The need for satellite phones

No matter how expansive the reach of terrestrial telecommunications companies are, there are just some areas that they still don’t and can’t provide coverage for. These areas don’t have cellular towers or phone transmission connections, so traditional landline systems and cellular service don’t work here.

It is in these places wherein satellite communication services perform outstandingly, so many individuals, as well as commercial and industrial organisations, rely on sat phones here. These devices can function in rural or remote locations, seeing as they utilise the power of orbiting satellites rather than the lines and/or towers within the earth.

Made for harsh environments

Most of today’s cellular phones, despite their impressive durability for everyday use, will not last that long in harsh environments. A satellite phone, on the other hand, comes equipped with the necessary characteristics that make it withstanding of severe changes in climate, temperature, and other external environmental factors. The latest in sat phones also have impressive resistance against extreme cold and heat, and even have powerful waterproofing designs.

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Buying versus renting

Now that you know how useful and beneficial satellite communication devices are, you may be wondering whether to buy or rent one. This depends on how frequently you need to use one. If you often travel or work to remote or rural areas more than a month every year, then buying is the better, wiser decision.